13 Best Playgrounds in Pinellas County FL


Looking for new playgrounds to check out that are worth the trip? We’ve got you covered. We’re two local moms who made this list when we were looking for the best playgrounds for our own kids.

We considered these playgrounds to be “destination playgrounds.” They may be a bit longer of a drive but they offer something extra that makes them worthwhile.

For each playground below, we highlight why we think it’s awesome, whether the playground is shaded and if it’s fenced.

Let’s check out the playgrounds!

1. Glazer Park at St. Pete Pier

  • ADDRESS: 800 2nd Ave NE, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, United States
  • SHADE: a few trees but mostly unshaded
  • FENCED: No
  • PARKING: Pay for parking, but ample parking for the pier except for peak busy times

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Glazer Park is the coolest playground in Pinellas. It has cool climbing structures and hill, interesting features and a nice cushy ground. It’s also next to a bar for parents and a splash pad.

Glazer playground is a must visit. It’s an excellent playground in its own right, and why aren’t there more playgrounds with a bar and food right next to them? Plus, the whole pier is cool to explore so you could easily spend a day there.

The only downside of this playground is that it is often busy, especially on the weekend.

We’ve had good food at both the cafe next to the playground and Doc Ford’s, both of which were less overpriced than I would have expected for the location.

glazer park playground at st. pete pier with a big yellow slide in the background and a climbing tube structure in the foreground

2. Coachman Park Playground

  • ADDRESS: 300 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, Florida 33757
  • SHADE: not much, though there are a few shade structures over the sand pits
  • FENCED: No
  • PARKING: Parking is mix, there is a big pay-to-park lot at the park but there are also a few nearby city lots with a few spots that are free. You can find the parking map here.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: It’s a really cool playground, has sand for digging, lots of seating for parents (with shade structures) and a splash pad right next to it.

Coachman Park was recently refurbished and is just beautiful. It has great water views, a pier and big, pretty walking paths. The whole park is worth the trip and the playground is no exception.

The park is right next to the main Clearwater library (which has an awesome children’s library area). When visited, we hit the playground, splash pad, had a little picnic and then cooled off in the library for a full day of activity.

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entrance to the coachman park playground showing information sandwich boards and an overhead crawling tunnel

3. Largo Central Park

  • ADDRESS: 101 Central Park Dr, Largo, FL 33771
  • SHADE: Tree shade
  • FENCED: Yes
  • PARKING: Lots of free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The most unique thing about Largo Central Park is the monthly free model train rides. It is also a huge and cool playground.

Largo Central Park has an awesome and huge playground. The first weekend of each month you can also ride a cool miniature train around the park. You can find railroad information and register for a train ride on the Largo Central Railroad website.

The downside of this playground is that it is so big that it can be hard to keep track of multiple kids if they run different ways (though the playground is fenced which is a big plus).

The park is also next to the Largo Library, which also has a solid children’s area. This library also has a cafe in it so it feels almost like going to a coffee shop, with the bonus of toys to occupy kids.

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Largo central park playground with green slides and a blue twisty slide

4. Playworld at Highland Rec

  • ADDRESS: 400 Highland Ave N, Largo, FL 33770-2551
  • SHADE: Indoor playground
  • FENCED: Yes
  • COST: A few bucks per kid, price varies a little depending on regular vs. toddler hours
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: PlayWorld is a massive indoor playground. It’s 3-stories tall with the biggest playground slide I’ve ever been on. It also has a cool little kid area.

It’s Florida, you can’t beat an awesome indoor playground in the summer. Plus, this one is just really well down. Lots of climbing and obstacles with a cushy floor.

During “toddler time,” only little kids are allowed in the playground and parents can accompany them into the big play structure.

playworld indoor playground in largo. colorful flooring and playground climbing structures that look like a train

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5. Highland Rec Center Largo

  • ADDRESS: 400 Highland Ave N, Largo, FL 33770-2551
  • SHADE: Tree shade
  • FENCED: No
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The playground is made of unique and cool geometric structures

Yes, Highland Rec makes the list twice! The rec center actually has two unique playgrounds worth highlighting. The second is an outdoor playground that is free to visit. The playground has an cool futurist, geo-dome design that adds a lot of novelty.

geometric dome playground at highland recreation in largo florida

6. Dell Holmes Park

  • SHADE: Not really, there are perimeter trees but the main area is unshaded
  • FENCED: Yes
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Dell Holmes is a huge playground with interesting climbing structures. It also has a seasonal splash pad connected to it.

Dell Holmes is a huge park with lots of features like a pier, golf course and climbing structures. The playground is really big and has a lot of cool features.

The playground is fenced which is really nice given its size. The splash pad that’s attached isn’t the biggest splash pad in the area but it is really nice that it is connected to the playground area.

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large playground field with playground structures spread throughout at dell holmes park in st petersburg fl

7. Dunedin Community Center

  • ADDRESS: 1920 Pinehurst Rd, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States
  • SHADE: Yes with built-in shade structures
  • FENCED: Yes (one of the playgrounds)
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: There are three playgrounds here so you can spend lots of time here. One playground is fenced, two have awesome built-in shade cover, and one is next to a splash pad.

Dunedin Community Center has three playgrounds all at the same facility. Two are next to the community center and one is across the field at Highlander Park and Aquatic Complex.

We think the best one is right next to the community center because it’s fenced and shaded. The one by the basketball courts is great too.

The playground next to the splash pad is last on the list but we love a playground next to a splash pad for when kids need a break or you have one that ends up not wanting to get wet.

playground with blue shade canopy and plastic rock climbing area in the foreground at dunedin community center

8. Sunshine Limitless Playground (Long Center)

  • ADDRESS: 1501 N Belcher Rd., Clearwater, FL 33765
  • SHADE: Some shade, mix of canopy and tree shade
  • FENCED: Yes
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Sunshine Limitless playground is nice, big and has lots of cool musical and sound features to explore. Plus, it is fenced, has decent shade and has a bathroom right in the playground.

Sunshine Limitless Playground is the playground at the Long Center. It was a destination playground when we were kids (though they’ve taken out the wood playground that was all the rage here in the 90’s).

It now has nice, spread out playground equipment and more exploratory features like music makers than other playgrounds.

picture of playground shade canopy over picnic tables, musical instrument playground equipment and playground in the background at sunshine limitless park in clearwater

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9. Gulfport Beach Playground

  • ADDRESS: Shore Blvd S +, Dupont St S, Gulfport, FL 33707
  • SHADE: Yes with an awesomely big canopy
  • FENCED: Yes
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Recently redone in 2023, Gulfport Beach Playground has a huge shade canopy, cool and unique structures, and sand for digging right next to the playground. Plus it has pretty water views!

10. Albert Whitted Airplane Park

  • ADDRESS: 480 Bayshore Dr SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • SHADE: No (the playground “plane” has a roof and there’s a canopy over a bench but otherwise unshared)
  • FENCED: Yes
  • PARKING: Parking can be limited since it’s at downtown St. Pete’s waterfront but there are metered spots too

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: This playground is right next to Albert Whitted Airport runway so you can watch planes take off and land while you play. The playground equipment is airplane themed which is unique and the waterfront views are top notch.

Parking can be limited since it’s at downtown St. Pete’s waterfront.

11. Wall Springs Park Palm Harbor

  • ADDRESS: 3725 Desoto Blvd, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
  • SHADE: Yes
  • FENCED: No
  • PARKING: Right by the playground, restrooms and trail head. Its is also very close to the Pinellas Trail.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The playground is an impressive size and also includes a separate but large area for younger kids (plus look at that shade canopy!). But what makes it extra special is also its proximity to the Walls Spring viewing area and trails out to docks and a look out tower.

12. Josiah Cephas Weaver Park

  • ADDRESS: 1258 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698
  • SHADE: Natural shade from tree
  • FENCED: No
  • PARKING: Yes

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: We love the astroturf ground for a playground — its fun for kids of all ages and they get less dirty! Plus, the waterfront location with pretty dock can’t be beat.

Weaver park is a neat play structure with a little tree house and a dedicated littler kid area. The playground has AstroTurf which is great for crawling babies. It also keeps its big kids swing in a separate area.

Plus, It is right off the Pinellas Trail and across Alt 19 is a beautiful water front green space and a long kid safe dock that is a great place to fish, dolphin watch and see a sunset.

13. R.E. Olds Park

  • ADDRESS: 107 Shore Dr W, Oldsmar, FL 34677
  • SHADE: Tree shade
  • FENCED: Yes & No – the small playground is fenced but the big one isn’t
  • PARKING: Free parking

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Amazing original and innovative structure that feels safe for kids of all ages. There is also a smaller fenced in playground and it’s another beautiful waterfront park.

The park is right on the water on Tampa Bay with a nice dock. It also has a lot of natural brush that the kids enjoy as forts.

Playgrounds with Unique Features

We don’t think these playgrounds as a whole are the best of the best, but they each have something cool to offer that we want to highlight in case you’re in the area.

  • McGough Nature Park: The playground has a really really cool zipline, but otherwise is lackluster
  • Philippe Park: The rock climbing playground is unique (though not big). The main playground is nice but average.
  • Crest Lake Park: Crest Lake has a lot of really cool climbing structures woven throughout the natural landscape of the park (and a splash pad!). But the “true playground” structure is small.
  • Bonnet Park: This one doesn’t make the main list because it’s in Lakeland, but it’s an amazing park that many think is worth the day trip.

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