Farms & Petting Zoos Near St. Pete-Clearwater

Looking for petting zoos & farms near Pinellas?

We’ve got you covered! We’re two local moms who grew up in the Clearwater area and are now raising our young families here.

These are all our favorite places to take our kids to interact with animals around Pinellas. On this list you’ll find local petting zoos, farms and other attractions where you can pet animals.

My kids really love petting zoos and we like to go during the fall and winter when it’s a little cooler in Florida. A few of the farms actually close during the summer months because of the heat.

Let’s check out the petting zoos!

🤩 Our favorite petting zoos near us are HorsePower & Tarpon Aquarium

Disclaimer: always verify opening times and costs. We do our best to keep information update but things can change quickly.

6 Kid-Friendly Petting Zoos & Farms

1. HorsePower for Kids

Statute of a white horse and the entrance to horsepower farm in oldsmar fl
  • LOCATION: 8005 Racetrack Rd, Tampa
  • HOURS: 9-5pm Sat & Sun, 10-2pm Thur & Fri
  • COST: $14 (babies under 1 free); $5 special on the 1st Thur of the month
  • Website

HorsePower is a non-profit rescue farm with the mission of giving families the opportunity to interact with animals. The farm has multiple petting zoo areas, pony rides, playground and play structures, and train rides.

We visit HorsePower on their $5 days, which take place on the first Thursday of the month. These days are definitely busy but HorsePower is large so the crowds can disperse. The petting zoo area in the back we found to be less crowded and more relaxed.

TIPS: Before you go, fill out the online waiver on their website. Bring cash in case the credit card ticket line is lone. And remember to dress to get very dirty.

🐷 I love HorsePower because of their monthly $5 special

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2. Raprager’s Farm

a brown and white baby goat sitting down
  • LOCATION: 16907 Boy Scout Road, Odessa
  • HOURS: Varies, closed over the summer for heat
  • COST: Varies by time of year
  • Website

Raprager Farms is a family-owned farm experience that is open on weekends and for holiday festivals. Admittedly, Raprager Farm’s website leaves something to be desired (its hard to find basic information like general opening times and ticket costs). That said, we still think it is worth the visit for those looking for a petting zoo.

We went for the Christmas festival and had an awesome time. The farm over is smaller than HorsePower but has a chiller vibe with a bigger petting zoo area. Plus, they also have a big bounce pillow that was a hit with my kids.

TIP: Don’t miss going in the barn enclosure in the petting zoo area. We almost did and the best animals were in there (like baby goats!)

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3. Old McMicky’s Farm

entrance of old mcmickys farm showing a white farm building that says old mcmickys farm and an entrance chalkboard sign
  • LOCATION: 9612 Crescent Drive, Odessa
  • HOURS: Thurs-Sun with tours starting from 9am-1pm
  • COST: $15 per person (under 2 free)
  • Website

Old McMicky’s farm is a different style petting zoo than the others on this list. It is a farm tour where you have a tour guide taking you through the farm. The tour is structured in a loop so you may join a tour group at any point along the tour, so the group gets progressively larger as the tour progresses.

We personally think the tour is best for elementary age kids and older who can appreciate the additional information shared on the tour. It’s tougher for the toddler-aged group. We saw toddler families leave the tour, and we found it hard to keep ours with the group by the end too.

The tour structure also means you can’t take snack breaks whenever you want, which our 3-year old did not at all appreciate.

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4. DK Farms & Gardens

  • LOCATION: 1750 Lake Ave SE, Largo
  • HOURS: 10am-4pm Mon-Fri & Sun, 10am-9pm on Saturdays
  • COST: $10 per person over 30 inches, festival pricing varies
  • Website

DK Farms and Gardens is a petting zoo and also offers lots of fun extras like holiday festivals, mini golf and games.

We haven’t made it to DK Farms yet (honestly, it feels a little pricey for the holiday festivals since we’d have to pay for our 2-year-old) but the website says that you can only go into the bunny area. The other animals you can interact with by feeding through the gate.

🐷 DK Farms does many holiday-themed events

5. ZooTampa

a sign that says the barnyard with a gate entrance to the petting zoo at zootampa
  • LOCATION: 1101 W Sligh Avenue, Tampa
  • HOURS: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM (+ extended 7pm hours around Spring Break)
  • COST: $48/adult, $38/child
  • Website

ZooTampa is the nearest big zoo to Pinellas County. The zoo has expanded and improved a lot since we were little, with fun rides and lots of cool areas to explore. Plus, the manatee viewing area is a can’t miss.

The zoo also has a farm petting zoo area tucked into the Australia section. Zoo admission is more than some other petting zoos on the list, but tickets allow you to return all year so you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

We’re both zoo members and also love all the fun special events the zoo puts on, like the Halloween Creatures of the Night event, that are also included for return-for-a-year ticket holders.

🐷 Check out our guide to ZooTampa before you go!

6. Tarpon Aquarium

The back of three kids crouched down petting bunnies in a petting zoo at Tarpon Aquarium
  • LOCATION: 1722 North Pinellas Avenue, Tarpon Springs
  • HOURS: 10am-5pm
  • COST: $25 adult/$19 child (they often run Florida-resident specials too)
  • Website

You probably weren’t expecting to see an aquarium on a list of petting zoos. The Tarpon Springs Aquarium recently adding a petting zoo area where you can interact with ponies, rabbits, pigs, ducks and more. Plus, you also can pet different sea life!

🐷 Check out our favorite things at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium

Other Nearby Farms

There are a few farms in the area that you can visit by booking a private tour or on limited days.

  • Dancing Goat: You can book a private tour of Dancing Goat dairy farm through AirBnB tours. They also occasionally offer public farm visit days throughout the year.
  • Noah’s Ark on Wheels: Noah’s Ark on Wheels is a traveling petting zoo that you can book for events. Once a year, usually after Thanksgiving, they open for public visits.
  • Rye Road Giraffes: Rye Road Giraffes is an exotic and domestic attraction family farm located just south of Pinellas. Unfortunately, the farm was damaged during Hurricane Ian and is still closed for repairs.

Seasonal Petting Zoos

Here are a few petting zoos that happen only for limited times during the year. For example, during Halloween or Christmas season.

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