67 Kid Birthday Party Venues in Clearwater-St. Pete

Your guide to places to have birthday parties for kids in Pinellas

Looking for kids birthday party locations in the Clearwater & St. Pete area? We’ve rounded up 65 local kids birthday party places to help you save time on your search.

The list below organizes the venues by category, such as budget-friendly and animal-themed. You’ll find a variety of indoor and outdoor party locations, birthday party ideas for toddlers and little kids, and different types of activities.

We’re two local moms who grew up in Pinellas and now are raising our kids here. Many of these venues are places we’ve been with our own families (and some are even ones we had our own parties at as kids!).

Let’s check out the party ideas in the area to get your juices flowing!

Venues on a budget

daisy douglas playground in safety harbor florida

1. City Parks

You can rent pavilions at city parks throughout the county. Prices vary by park but this can be very affordable (for example, the Pinellas county parks are as low as $25 for a rental).

2. City Rec Centers

Many city recreation centers also have meeting rooms and event spaces available for rent. These are good options if you’d like something indoors in case of inclement weather. Here’s an example of St. Pete’s rec center rentals, starting as low as $18 an hour.

3. City Athletic Fields

In addition to park pavilions and rec centers, cities also rent their athletic field spaces. You could do a field-day themed birthday or organize games for a sports lover. As an example, in St. Pete athletic field rentals start as low as $10/hour.

4. Neighborhood community centers

Many neighborhoods have community rec rooms or pools that you can reserve for a party if you live in the neighborhood or know someone in the neighborhood. We did this for our kids birthday and it was free after the deposit was returned.

5. Churches

Some churches in the area will rent a room at their church for outside parties or events.

6. Libraries

Pinellas libraries offer meeting room rentals to individuals, with availability and prices varying by library. There are some cool children’s library spaces around Pinellas that could make for an easy party for those having a small toddler party.

7. Moccasin Lake Guided Nature Hike

Moccasin Lake Nature Park offers a variety of nature programs that are very cheap, including a guided nature walk for your group for $3/person (price as of April 2024). You can find out about their programs on this website.

8. YMCA of the Suncoast

YMCA of the Suncoast offers a number of birthday party options, from simple theme-parties to swimming parties and rope course parties. You can find information here.

9. Beach Pavilions

You can rent pavilions at beaches around Pinellas for a very reasonable price. For example, Sand Key & Fred Howard parks’ pavilions rent for $25 ($5 parking per vehicle), Fort de Soto rents for $50 and Pier 60 rents for $100 (as of April 2024).

10. Budget venues listed below

Since we organized this list by category, here are some venues that you’ll find later on this list that we also think are great values:

  • Highlander Pool
  • McGough Nature Center

Unique birthday parties

A picture from the bleachers at a minor league baseball game with the batter on the far left and mostly empty seats on the right side of the frame

11. Largo Central Railroad

Largo Central Railroad is a miniature train that you can ride around Largo Central Park. You can rent an hour of ride time for a birthday party for a $175 donation (as of April 2024) to the organization, plus rental of a shelter in the park. You can find information here.

12. Minor League Baseball Game

The Dunedin Bluejays and Clearwater Threshers both offer birthday party packages and group ticketing options that are reasonably priced. Here’s where you can find the Bluejays’ group packages and the Threshers group packages (scroll down for birthdays).

The birthday party packages include admission, a meal, and mascot visit. The Bluejays package also includes honorary first pitch and field picture.

13. Go Karts

There are a few places around town where you can do a go karting birthday party. Here are their party websites:

14. Majeed Discovery Children’s Garden (Florida Botanical Garden)

The Florida Botanical Garden has a very cool children’s garden with interactive spaces for kids to play, like a big sticks area, water pump and building area.

You can rent the outdoor classroom space for birthday parties with includes facilitator-led activities. The birthday party section is at the end of their events website.

15. The Game Show Place

The Game Show Place is a venue where groups can play game show style games. The recommended ages are 10 and up so this is an party idea for older kids. It’s on the pricier side but definitely a unique party theme. You can find more information on their website.

16. Rock Climbing – Vertical Ventures

Vertical Ventures in St. Pete offers party packages. They aren’t cheap but could be cooler for older kids. Their party website is here.

17. Ice Skating – Tampa Bay Ice

Tampa Bay Ice offers birthday packages that include skating, skate rentals and pizza. You can find their party information here.

Gymnastic Gyms

18. Future Flipz

Future Flipz is a gym in Clearwater that offers birthday parties. You can find their party information here.

19. Tampa Bay Turners

Tampa Bay Turners offers gymanastic parties and combo gym-and-swim parties. You can find their party information on this website.

20. Bayside Sports Academy

Their parties include open gym, obstacle course and games. You can add on pizza too. Their party website is here.

Children Museums

dunedin fine art center children's museum exhibits

21. Dunedin Fine Art Children’s Museum

Dunedin Fine Art Center offers a variety of art-based party packages, and some of them include an hour of play in their Children’s Art Musem. You can find the packages here. And you can find our review of why this is an amazing children’s museum here.

22. Glazer Children’s Museum

Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa has birthday party packages which include a room and guest admission. You have to order food through their cafe (only outside dessert allowed). This venue is on the pricier side, you can find prices on their party website.

23. Great Explorations

Great Explorations is similarly priced as Glazer but you can have twice as many kids and you can bring in your own food. The party package includes admission for up to 30 guests. You can find the party information here.

Pools & Splash Pads

Twisting water slide going into a pool corner

24. Highlander Pool (Dunedin)

Highlander Pool is a very affordable birthday party. As of this writing, you can do a pool party including pool admission and 2-hour pavilion rental for 20 people for $65. Party information is listed on their website.

25. Highland Recreation Center

Highland Recreation Center rents out their aquatic facility for private parties and shaded structure in their splash pad area for parties (but not exclusive access to the splash area). You can find party information here.

26. St. Pete City Pools

The city of St. Pete offers rentals for their neighborhood pools, a few of which are opened year-round. Many of their pools also have cool slides and some have splash pads. Here is where you can find their pool rental information.

27. Tampa Bay Turners

Tampa Bay Turners is a gymnastic and swimming center. They offer a combination gymnastic and swimming party as one of their birthday party packages. You can find information on this website.

28. Dunedin Kiwanis Sprayground

You can rent the pavillion next to the Kiwanis splash pad, though it does not give you exclusive use of the splash pad. You can find information on this website.

Trampoline Parks

entrance to bounce city in clearwater fl, with a rainbow sign that says bounce city and bounce houses in the background

29. Catapult Adventure Park

There are two Catapult Adventure Park locations in our area, one in Tarpon and a new location in St. Pete. Catapult has bounce experiences and general adventure & obstacle play areas. You can find the Tarpon party information here and the St. Pete information here.

30. Sky Zone

Sky Zone is the premier trampoline park in our area. You can find their party information on this website.

31. Bounce City – Countryside Mall

Bounce City in Countryside Mall offers two different party options: a more expensive option where you rent the whole place and a cheaper option where it is still open to the public. You can bring your own food. You can find their party information on their website.

32. Get Air

Get Air is a trampoline park that is technically in New Port Richey, but is still close for those located in North Pinellas.

We want to highlight it also because they have an option for toddler birthday parties during “toddler time” when there aren’t big kids in the facility. I take my kids to regular “toddler time” a lot and we love it.

Toddler & Little Kids Venues

33. Romp n’ Roll

The St. Pete location of Romp n’ Roll offers birthday party packages for kids aged 1-6. You can find their party information here.

34. Munchkin Town

Munchkin Town is an indoor play place for kids 5 and under. They offer birthday parties for 1st birthday to 5th birthday. They offer a variety of packages from a basic option where you can bring your own food to a deluxe option where they take care of everything. You can find their packages here.

35. Little Explorers Palm Harbor

Little Explorers offers birthday party rentals at $200 per hour for up to 12 kids (two hour minimum, more kids for an extra fee). We find Little Explorers to be a little steep but we love that they offer free options for foster families. You can find their party information here.

36. We Rock the Spectrum

We Rock the Spectrum also offers parties with open play in their space. The current rate is $270 for two hours for 10 kids so they’re cheaper than Little Explorers. You can bring your own food. You can find their party info here.

37. Little Brew Play Cafe

This is another play space that you can rent, price as of April 2024 is $400 for 2 hours and 15 kids. You can bring in your own food. Here is their party website.


The back of three kids crouched down petting bunnies in a petting zoo at Tarpon Aquarium

38. McGough Nature Park

McGough Nature Park has an awesome birthday party package. For $100, you can rent a classroom for 3 hours, receive a nature talk with animal visitors, and bring in your own food. Plus, as an easy party favor, you can add on turtle food so guests can feed the turtles. You can find information here.

39. Tarpon Springs Aquarium

It’s no secret that we love the Tarpon Springs Aquarium around here (here’s our post about it). They have a birthday party package that we think is a good deal for everything you get. As of April 2024, $200 gets you admission for 15, a picnic area rental, 30 feeding tickets AND an annual pass for the birthday child.

40. HorsePower for Kids

HorsePower for Kids is a farm sanctuary focused on education and animal interaction with animal petting areas. They offer a number of party packages which include a shelter rental and pony rides.

41. Raprager Farm

Raprager Farm has a petting zoo, a huge bounce pillow and play structures. Check out our full rundown of Raprager Farms and find their birthday party information here.

42. Old McMicky’s Farm

Old McMicky’s Farm is an educational farm. While tour-only style isn’t our favorite for visiting as an individual, it seems much better suited for going with a large group like a birthday party (I have fond memories of parties here as a kid). You can find their party information here and our review of our visit to Old McMicky’s Farm here.

43. Clearwater Marine Aquarium

This is a pricier birthday option ($40/person as of April 2024) but definitely memorable! It includes admission, a party host, decorations, cupcakes, party room and presentation. You can find party information here.

44. Ruxtons Ranch Rides

Ruxton Ranch Rides offers longer horse rides for kids 8 and up, and horse interaction experiences with a mini ride around the farm for all ages. They don’t list their party information on their website and it’d be pricey, but I’ve seen them advertise on Facebook as “perfect for birthdays.”

45. ZooTampa

ZooTampa offers birthday party packages but doesn’t provide any pricing information on their private events website. Likely these aren’t cheap but would be unique experiences.

46. DK Farms

DK Farms offers a few party space rentals. Most require you to also pay for your guests entry, but they have one area outside of the gates so you wouldn’t have to buy tickets for the farm. You can find their party information here.


A person standing at a pinball game (with their face blacked out for privacy)

47. Chuck E Cheese

If you’re looking for a throwback, Chuck E. Cheese still has birthday party packages. The price in our area feels a little high to us but they sometimes run promos and specials. Here’s their birthday party website, you have to add location to get current prices.

48. Celebration Station

I had childhood birthday parties at Celebration Station so I am happy they’re still going all these years later. Their prices are comparable to Chuck E Cheese but they offer more variety like attractions and discounted weekday pricing. Here is their party website.

49. CiCi’s Pizza

The Clearwater location of Cici’s Pizza has a party room (according to the website, St. Pete does not). The Clearwater location also has a big arcade game room. You can find Cici’s birthday party information here.

On our recent visit, I took a picture of the Clearwater location’s party information since specifics aren’t available online. They’re pictured below but remember prices are obviously subject to change.

a flyer for Cici's pizza party packages at their Clearwater location, showing packages ranging from $21.99-29.99 per person.

50. Treasure Island Fun Center

Treasure Island Fun Center’s parties include 2 hours of unlimited game play, pizzas and prize points. You can find their party information here.

51. Replay Museum – Tarpon

Replay Museum is an arcade museum located Tarpon. They have rental options where you can rent the entire museum, though it’s on the pricier side for a kids birthday party.

Indoor venues

a child about to throw a bowling ball down the lane

52. PlayWorld at Highland Recreation Center

You can rent out PlayWorld, a three story indoor playground, for parties. It includes a party room, decorations and plates but you bring your own food. You can find rental information here.

53. After School Kicks

After School Kicks in a big indoor facility that does indoor sports and activities for birthday parties, like dodgeball, soccer, nerf balls etc. They also have a bounce house and the parties include pizza. You can find party information here.

54. Bowling

All the bowling alleys around the county offer party packages, some of which are very reasonably priced Here is where you can find their party information:

55. Astro Skate

Astro Skate offers parties where you pay per child, and it includes admission and food. You can find information on their website.

56. McDonald’s Play Places

You can host birthday parties at McDonalds by speaking to the local store manager (according to the McDonald’s website). The McDonald in Pinellas Park at 5170 Park Blvd still has an indoor play place that can make it a fun birthday party venue.

57. Seminole Social

Seminole Social is an event space that also offers themed parties for kids birthdays, like tea parties, princess parties and spa-day parties. You can find their website here.

Arts & Crafts parties

A child's hand painting at an easel with mr. potato head pieces around the table

58. Dunedin Fine Art Center

Dunedin Fine Art Center parties offers a variety of art-themed birthday party packages, including painting, crafts and pottery. Some of the party packages include time in their great children’s museum too (see why we love this children’s museum so much).

59. Morean Art Center

The Morean Art Center in St. Pete opened their party bookings in January 2024. You can find their party page here.

60. Splatter Paint Party

Art Tampa Bay in Clearwater has a splatter paint room that looks so cool. You put on protective gear and go into a room where you can splatter paint. They offer parties where you have two hours and can BYO-food.

61. Practically Picasso

Practically Picasso offers a variety of children’s birthday party options, including painting, clay and ornaments. You can find their selection on their website.

62. Michaels

Michaels craft store hosts birthday parties for kids. They have different themes you can choose from, like dinosaurs, painting and tie dye. You can find their party website here.

Mobile at-home parties

63. Tony the Balloon Guy

Tony the Balloon Guy is a family company that can do a variety of party entertainment, not just balloon art, such as face painting and magic shows.

64. Dunedin Fine Art Center Pottery Bus

Dunedin Fine Art Center transformed an old school bus into a mobile pottery studio that you can rent out for events. It has a throwing wheel so this may be good for older kids. Information on the mobile pottery studio is at the bottom of their party website.

65. Sensory Studio

Sensory Studio has a few party set-ups you can pick from, including sensory play, painting and make your own slime. You can find their party info here.

66. DunnDee Farms

DunnDee Farms is a mobile educational animal program that can come to your event. They offer farm animals and reptiles, along with additional party activities like face painting.

67. Noah’s Ark on Wheels

Noah’s Ark is another mobile petting zoo that can come to their event. They bring goats, chicks, ducks and bunnies. Their website is available here.

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