Things to do with Toddlers for St. Patty’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with toddlers can be a fun and memorable experience! Start a tradition now that you can carry on for years or try something new each year; whatever you are looking for here are some ideas.


Engage toddlers in St. Patrick’s Day-themed crafts such as making leprechaun hats, rainbow collages, shamrock paintings, or even simple handprint clovers.

Here is a clover my kids made a few years ago. If you have multiple kids you could do each leaf a the clover for a different child.

Story Time

Read St. Patrick’s Day themed books to your toddlers. Look for colorful picture books about leprechauns, shamrocks, or the legend of St. Patrick. Make it interactive by asking them questions about the story or characters.

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace is a great one. The book is available on amazon or check it out in this youtube read along.

Dress Up

Let toddlers dress up in green attire or as leprechauns. You can also create DIY accessories like green hats or shamrock headbands to add to the festive spirit.

This is a good chance for them to work on their color green by looking through their closet and drawers trying to find the green shirt, pants, sock, etc.

Also, with Shrinky Dink Paper they could create you some St. Patty’s themed earrings or themselves a charm for a necklace.

Cooking and Baking

Involve toddlers in simple cooking or baking activities to make St. Patrick’s Day-themed treats such as green pancakes, shamrock-shaped cookies, or rainbow fruit skewers. Keep it safe and age-appropriate, and let them help with mixing, stirring, or decorating.

I love just adding green into things we would already create for a fun festive experience or go all out with cookie cutters like the picture below.

Also you could make easy clover to surprise your little one out of store bought cinnamon rolls shaped before cooking.

Music and Dance

Play Irish music and encourage toddlers to dance along. Teach them simple Irish dance moves or have a little dance party together. You can also sing fun St. Patrick’s Day songs like “I’m a Little Leprechaun“, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” or “Rattling Bog“.

Treasure Hunt

Set up a mini treasure hunt with clues leading to hidden pots of gold (chocolate coins or other small treats) around the house or in the backyard. This activity can be adjusted based on the toddler’s age and abilities.

We liked to at least put out come gold coins from the dollar tree for them to wake up to in the morning. Sometimes we would make a trail that lead to a present.

Outdoor Activities

If the weather permits, spend time outdoors doing activities like going for a nature walk to look for signs of spring, having a picnic with green-themed snacks, or blowing bubbles with green bubble solution.

Virtual Celebration

If you’re unable to gather with friends or family in person, organize a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party with other families. You can play games, sing songs, and share stories over video call platforms.

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