About Suncoast Family Fun

Suncoast Family Fun is the ultimate guide to things to do on Florida’s Suncoast. We specifically focus on kid-friendly and family-friendly activities in the St. Pete-Clearwater area in Florida’s Pinellas County.

Meet the Founders

Hi, We’re Elizabeth and Malena!

We grew up in Pinellas and currently live in the area with our young famillies. We are sharing our knowledge of the area to help families find the best that St. Pete-Clearwater has to offer.

By day, Elizabeth is a researcher who completed her Ph.D. prior to becoming a mom. Her Ph.D dissertation focused specifically on pregnancy and education of young moms (here’s an example of my published research).

courtney campbell causeway trail with elizabeth pushing a stroller
Elizabeth on the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail

Malena is an educator and statistician by training. She’s taught college-level math throughout Florida. In addition, Malena is very active in volunteering with local community groups, giving her great connections to local information and happenings.

malena on a swing at the park with a toddler pushing her
Malena at Edgewater Playground in Dunedin

We love applying our research and analytic skills to help local parents make the most out of the St. Pete-Clearwater area.