2024 Free Preschool Passes at Florida Attractions

Your guide to free preschool passes in Florida

Have you heard about theme park preschool passes? They are FREE passes for preschool aged kids (usually 5 years old and younger) that gives them free entry into select theme parks for the year.

You can use a preschool pass to visit Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, SeaWorld, Aquatica Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center. They are an amazing way for Florida-resident families to save money going to popular local attractions.

Malena’s family has used preschool passes with all her kids to Busch Gardens and we registered for the first time this year.

Preschool pass registration is only open briefly at the beginning of the year, so that’s why we wanted to raise awareness about them. Last year, I didn’t hear about them until after the registration period closed and it cost us a lot of money when we had to buy a child’s ticket to Kennedy Space Center.

Let’s check out Florida’s preschool passes!

DISCLAIMER: We do the best we can to keep information up to date, but always double check each business website as information is subject to change.

What are Preschool Passes?

Preschool passes are annual passes you can get for free that give young children free entry to a theme park or attraction. This means that kids can visit repeatedly throughout the year for free without having to buy them their own annual pass.

Preschool passes are generally limited to Florida-residents for these Florida attractions and they require prior registration during a specific window of time.

A child would need a specific preschool pass for each attraction you’ll be visiting. For example, you’d need separate Busch Garden-specific pass and SeaWorld-specific pass if you plan to visit both theme parks.

Preschool pass eligibility & registration period

ELIGIBILITY: Preschool passes, in general, are available to children before the age of 6. Attraction vary slightly on the age rules and cut-offs for their passes. Most passes also require that the families are Florida-residents. They usually require documents to prove both the age of the child, like a birth certificate, and something to prove Florida residency.

REGISTRATION PERIOD: Each theme park or attraction sets their own registration period for their preschool passes. Generally, you can register for that year’s pass at the beginning of the year in January. Registration deadlines usually fall sometime in February.

Some attractions require you to visit the park to use the pass for the first time before the registration deadline, while others give you until the end of the year to visit and use the pass.

NOTE: Always check each attraction’s eligibility and registration rules carefully, and remember information is always subject to change.

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Busch Gardens & Adventure Island preschool pass

Christmas light giraffes at Busch Garden's enterance
  • Registration period: By April 30, 2024
  • Eligibility: 5 years old & younger at time of first visit, Florida-residents
  • Website

Busch Gardens offers a preschool pass that gives young kids free admission for the year to both Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. You must register online before going to the park since preschool passes are not available at the park gate.

Note that Busch Gardens requires you to visit either Busch Gardens or Adventure Island for the first time before the end of the registration period to activate the pass. You’ll also need to bring a document to verify the child’s age with you and your Florida-residency.

Busch Gardens does allow you to also register for a preschool card in the year that your child is turning 6, as long as you make your first visit while they are still 5.

Malena has been an annual pass hold for Busch Gardens for years and years, and we think there’s so much fun stuff to do there for little kids (like checking out their Busch Gardens Christmas Town)

SeaWorld & Aquatica preschool pass

  • Registration period: By March 31, 2024
  • Eligibility: 5 years old & younger at time of first visit, Florida-residents
  • Website

SeaWorld’s preschool pass program is very similar to Busch Gardens, except it has a shorter registration period. Kids are eligible for a year of free preschool pass admission as long as they are 5 or younger at the time of their first visit.

The SeaWorld pass is good for SeaWorld and Aquatica. Like the Busch Gardens pass, you have to visit for the first time before the end of the registration period to activate the pass. Bring documentation proving age and residency to your first visit.

Kennedy Space Center preschool pass

the rocket garden at Kennedy Space Center
  • Registration period: By Feb 21, 2024
  • Eligibility: Under 6 years old & Florida-resident
  • Website

The Kennedy Space Center preschool pass is what inspired me to write this article because we missed out on this one before! We didn’t hear about it until after our visit and ended up paying for a kids ticket (which was like 60 bucks!).

For the Kennedy Space Center preschool pass, register online before Feb 21st for your Junior Space Explorer Pass for any child five years old and younger. You don’t have to visit by Feb 21st, just register online.

When you visit, you’ll bring your registration confirmation email, a copy of a birth certificate or age-proving document (digital okay), and proof of your Florida-residency.

There is so much to explore at the Kennedy Space Center, including a very impressive indoor space play area that our toddler loved (and with seating and drinks for parents!).

Check out our full guide to going to Kennedy Space Center with toddler and preschoolers before you go!

Legoland (no longer available)

Unfortunately, Legoland has not offered a preschool pass in recent years. We are including it here since you may have seen it on other old articles about preschool passes. It seems that Legoland stopped offering preschool passes when they opened their very toddler-friendly Peppa Pig park.

The best way to save money on Legoland is to snag an annual pass during black friday. We have a list of all the best Florida Black Friday deals. Malena got a pass during Black Friday this year and has been enjoying it a lot with her kids.

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