U-Pick Strawberries Near Clearwater-St. Pete

Your guide to U-Pick strawberry farms near Pinellas County

Looking to go u-pick strawberries? We’ve put together a list of the closest strawberry farms to the St. Pete-Clearwater area.

There are many farms located between Tampa and Lakeland that are about 45 minutes to an hour away from our area depending on your starting location.

We’re two local moms and bring you all the family fun near Pinellas. My kids love going to U-pick and strawberry picking is great for young kids because the crop is low to the ground.

Some important notes about U-pick strawberries before we dive in:

  • Farm hours and open days varying throughout the season depending on crop availability and weather. Always check a farm’s social media, website or call before heading to the farm
  • Farms have different U-pick strawberry seasons, with opening dates ranging from November to April. Some farms are open all season and others only open at the end of the commercial season, usually later in March.

The list below is organized based on direction and distance from Pinellas. For each, we give an approximate drive time from either downtown Clearwater or St. Pete to give you a reference for how far away they are.

Let’s pick some strawberries!

Tips for U-pick strawberries

Here are some tips before you head out to u-pick strawberries near Pinellas:

  • Only pick ripe berries. Strawberries will not continue to ripen after being picked.
  • Bring cash and a cooler to hold berries. Some places may be cash only and it is recommended to keep berries cool after picking.
  • Dress to get dirty and expect shoes to get muddy.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, U-pick fields aren’t shaded!

East of Pinellas farms

Three Son Farms

  • LOCATION: 3830 McIntosh Road, Dover, FL
  • COST: $3/lb (per their response to a comment on Facebook in January 2024)
  • Generally open Friday-Sunday
  • Facebook

It is a little hard to find details on this farm but they respond with opening hours and dates in the comments on their Facebook posts. They also had posts adding u-pick open days based on kids being out of school.

Three Son Farms is about 50 minutes from downtown Clearwater.

Passion Organics Farms

  • LOCATION: 11780 Tom Folsom Rd, Thonotosassa, FL, United States, Florida
  • Generally open for strawberry u-pick at the end of March, early April
  • Facebook

Passion Organics opens at the end of the season for strawberry u-pick, around end of March. They post updates to their Facebook page. They also have tomato u-pick that is open in January.

Favorite Farms

  • LOCATION: 10070 McIntosh Road, Dover, FL 33527, USA
  • Facebook

NOTE: Favorite Farms did not open for U-Pick in 2023 because of crop availability. It is about 50 minutes from downtown Clearwater.

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Sweet Berry Farms

  • LOCATION: 5621 US-92, Plant City, FL
  • COST: $4 per lb, $7 per 2 lbs, $3 for 10+ lbs (as of late Jan 2024)
  • Website
  • Facebook

Sweet Berry Farms is about 52 minutes from downtown Clearwater and is open as of January 2024.

Keel Farms

  • LOCATION: 5202 Thonotosassa Road, Plant City
  • COST: $5 per lb, $8 per 2 lbs (as of late Jan 2024)
  • Facebook

Home of Keel and Curley Winery, Keel Farms opens up for U-pick strawberries throughout the season. Their open days depends on their crop and they recommend watching their social media for U-pick updates.

Keel Farms is about an hour from downtown Clearwater.

Wish Farms

Wish Farms opens for a limited U-pick strawberry season at the end of the commercial season. They open for free to food banks and donate the fees for U-pick to charity.

Wish Farms is about an hour from downtown Clearwater.

Spivey Farms

Spivey Farms only opens at the end of the commercial strawberry season, and only if crops are still available. The end of season in March/April and they post about their crops on their Facebook page.

Spivey Farms is a little farther than the other farms and is about an hour and 10 minutes away from downtown Clearwater.

5K Farms

  • LOCATION: 5732 E. SR-60 Plant City, FL 33567
  • Opens weekends at the end of the commercial strawberry season
  • $2/lb during the 2023 season
  • Facebook

During the 2023 season, 5K farms opened at the beginning of April. They charged $2/lb, which is cheaper than other farms but their 2024 prices have not been announced yet.

5K Farms is a little over an hour away from downtown Clearwater.

Fancy Farms (Feb 17th only)

Fancy Farms opens for U-pick only for one day, on Feb 17th. This is a rain or shine event. Note that the farm location is different the Fancy Farms Market location.

a bowl of strawberry shortcake with a huge amount of whipped cream

North of Pinellas farms

Starkey Blueberry Farms

NOTE: Starkey Farms does not have strawberries for the 2024 season.

  • LOCATION: 10730 Lake Blanche Drive New Port Richey, Fl 34655
  • Website
  • Facebook

The location of the farm is not at Starkey Market. In 2023, they opened for strawberries in early February and post on their Facebook regularly with supply updates.

Starkey Blueberry Farms is about 44 minutes away from downtown Clearwater.

JG Ranch

  • LOCATION: 17200 Wiscon Rd, Brooksville, FL 34601-9045
  • Generally open Thurs-Sun depending on weather
  • COST: $5/lb and they also run special deals (per a Facebook comment reply in January 2024)
  • Website
  • Facebook

JG Ranch has U-pick strawberries and other U-pick fruits and vegetables. Their strawberry season starts earlier than many other farms around November.

JG Ranch is a little over an hour away from downtown Clearwater.

Upicktopia/Masaryk Winery

  • LOCATION: 19125 Phillips Rd, Masaryktown, FL 34604
  • Generally open Friday-Sunday
  • Strawberry season is generally mid-October to mid-April
  • Facebook

Masaryk Winery is a bit farther north than other stops on this list, but you can enjoy a winery while doing U-pick. It is about an hour and 10 minutes north of downtown Clearwater.

South of Pinellas farms

Hunsader Farms 

  • COST: $3/lb (as of January 2024)
  • Generally open Dec-March, open during the week & weekends
  • U-pick availability hotline: 941-331-1212
  • Website
  • Facebook

Hunsader Farms may be a more convenient u-pick strawberry location for those in St. Pete and south county. They offer a variety of u-pick produce including strawberries.

Hunsader Farms offers weekday picking which is not offered at a lot of farms. They’re about 45 minutes away from St. Pete.

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