Tarpon Springs Splash Park: Local’s Guide

Your guide to the Tarpon Spring Splash Pad

The Tarpon Springs Splash Park is located in the Live Oak Recreational Complex in Tarpon Springs Florida. At the recreational complex, you’ll also find a playground, dog park and connection to the Pinellas trail.

We had a great visit to the Tarpon Springs Splash Park and definitely plan to return again. The splash pad is free, big and was not crowded at all when we visited. I definitely found it to be worth the drive.

One thing to note though is that this splash pad says on their rules that the pad is for children between the ages of 2 to 12. Admittedly, I didn’t notice this rule and we definitely broke it bringing our older baby. I saw other babies during our visit as well.

Here’s everything you need to know before visiting the Tarpon Springs splash pad!

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Tarpon Springs Splash Park Location & Hours

sign for the tarpon springs splash park next to a tree
Tarpon Springs Splash Park sign

TIP: The Tarpon Springs splash park has an active Facebook page which I recommend checking before you go. They post on Facebook if there are any issues or closures with the splash pad. For example, the splash park has closed early for deep cleaning a few times in recent weeks.

Best Features of the Tarpon Springs Splash Park

Lightning warning sign at Tarpon Springs Splash Park
Lightning warning sign at Tarpon Springs Splash Park
  • Free!
  • Fun and Tarpon-themed water features
  • Fully fenced
  • Side-by-side water slides
  • Easy and ample parking
  • Nearby amenities like playground and bathrooms
  • Lightning warning sign!

The Tarpon Springs Splash Park is one of our favorite splash pads we’ve visited. It is almost as big as the Kiwanis Sprayground but without the big crowd. Not only does the splash pad have a nice variety of water features, there are Tarpon Springs themed fountains, like a sponge dock diver, which give it a great community feel.

I also loved that the splash pad had a warning light for nearby lightning so people know when it is not safe to play. This is a very thoughtful addition for a Florida splash pad and I am surprised I haven’t seen it at more parks.

I appreciated there were smaller fountains for kids who are tentative about getting their face wet (cough cough, my kids).

The splash pad has side by side water slides which was fun for my kids to race on. However, I didn’t love this water slide as much as the one at the Oldsmar splash pad. Instead of the water flowing down from the slide, there is a spray that goes across that made both my kids nervous (I spent a lot of time blocking the spray so they could go down without getting mist in their face). That said, this wouldn’t be an issue for bigger kids and having two sides next to each other really adds to the play.

The splash pad is also fully fenced so kids can run around without escaping. The benches around the perimeter had shade canopies, which is an appreciated detail. The water was also well contained so there was space for kids to take a break from the water.

The bathroom is located immediately outside the splash pad. There is also a playground around which is appreciated for kids who may need a break from water play.

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Parking at Tarpon Springs Splash Park

Parking for the Live Oak Recreation Complex, including the splash pad, was free and easy. The parking lot was very big.

Tips Before You Visit

sponge dock diver fountain at the tarpon springs splash pad
Sponge dock diver fountain at the Tarpon Springs splash pad

Here are a few tips before you visit the Tarpon Springs splash pad.

1. Pack towels & swim diapers

This first tip is an obvious one but I include it because I have 100% shown up to splash pads having forgotten to pack towels on multiple occasions.

Swim diapers are required for any child who has not toilet trained. There is nowhere to get swim diapers at the complex so you’ll need to come prepared.

2. Consider bringing a stroller

Posted signs say that strollers are permitted at the splash pad. I like the bring a stroller since it guarantees we have a dry place to put our things if all the benches are occupied.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen

There is no shade over the splash pad so remember to sunscreen up before your visit.

4. Watch for overwhelm

There are is a high level of activity and stimulation at the splash pad that may be overwhelming for some little kids. Both our baby and our toddler have hit splash pad overload before. From the random buckets of water splashing down, sounds and other kids running, it can be overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tarpon springs splash pad
Water features at the Tarpon Springs splash pad

Is the Tarpon Springs splash pad stroller-friendly?

Yes, the posted rule signs say that strollers are permitted at the splash pad. I like to bring a stroller since it is a dry place where you can keep your things off the ground if the benches are full.

Is the Tarpon Springs Spray Park shaded?

No, the splash pad area is not shaded. The benches on the side do have canopy covers for shade but none of the water play area has shade.

Do you have to wear shoes at the Tarpon Springs splash pad?

No, according to the language of the posted rules, water shoes are recommended but not required. I did not see any kids in shoes during our visit, including my own.

The rules do specify that regular shoes cannot be worn on the splash pad.

Are swim diapers required at the Tarpon Springs splash pad?

Yes, swim diapers are required for any child who is not potty trained.

Are chairs permitted at the splash pad?

There are no posted rules saying that you can’t bring chairs to the splash pad. There are a number of benches available on the permitter, but you may want a chair if you go when you think it may be busy.

Is the Tarpon Springs splash pad dog-friendly?

Dogs are not permitted in the splash pad fenced area. There is a dog park immediately adjacent to the splash pad though.

Can you bring food or drinks in the splash pad?

No, food, drinks and coolers are not permitted at the Tarpon Springs splash pad, according to posted signs.

Is there a maximum capacity at the splash pad?

Yes, according to posted rule signs, the splash pad has a maximum capacity of 90 people. When we visited, it was not busy at all.

Tarpon Springs Splash Park Rules

The picture below shows the posted rules at the Tarpon Springs splash pad. You can also find a digital version of the rules here.

Tarpon Springs splash park rules sign
Tarpon Springs splash park posted rules

One important rule that is unique to the Tarpon Springs splash pad compared to other Pinellas splash pads is that they state you must be between 2 and 12 years old to use the splash pad.

Here are some other rules to highlight:

  • Adult supervision required
  • Swim diaper required if your kid isn’t potty trained
  • No toys, food or drinks
  • Don’t drink the splash pad water
  • Stay home if you’re sick

Is it Worth the Drive?

Dueling slides at the Tarpon Springs splash pad
Dueling slides at the Tarpon Springs splash pad

The Tarpon Springs Splash Park is great and I definitely found it to be worth the drive. My only reservation about this splash pad is that the rules say you have to be at least 2 years old, which seems to limit a big part of a splash pads target demographic.

The splash pad was big, had a good variety of fountains and was not as busy as other splash pads we’ve visited. It has side-by-side slides which is a unique feature that is sure to please the kids. I also really liked the Tarpon-specific touches on the splash pad.

Around the corner from the splash pad is great restaurants like Mr. Souvlaki and it is down the street from the sponge docks, so it is easy to make a day out of your visit to the splash pad.

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